Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Market Coming to TR Produce

Okay, now I know that we are all excited for the "URBAN MARKET" coming to the East Village in the long vacant TR Produce building, but I am pretty bent on the tennant that the Urban Retail Group landed. Wal*Mart will be rolling out a new retail format in response to UK giant Tesco's "Fresh and Easy" concept that invaded the US last year, and US staple, Trader Joe's. However, rather than going with the inexpensive model that we love about "Fresh and Easy" and "Trader Joe's", the Wal*Mart concept is going to be "upscale". Why does everything have to be "upscale" in the East Village? Pt. Loma got a "Fresh and Easy", why can't we save a little money on dine in so that we can drop $100 on every restaurant in the hood? Where is our Trader Joe's?

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Matthew said...

I know this is an old post but I googled produce market in San Diego and found it. East Village IS getting a new "urban farmer's market" called Market 32!! Beginning of April it will open next to Cowboy Star. I hear its going to have fresh produce from the region at prices that are 1/2 of Ralphs or Albertsons!!!! Nuts, dried fruit juices, flowers, etc....real farmers market feel! cant wait!