Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hotel Indigo / Strata Update

Hotel Indigo is moving along quite briskly, as they are setting grade forms, and the column cages are rising above street level. This one is scheduled for a June/July '09 opening, and at the current pace, they should meet or exceed that date. On the other side of the block, Yesterday we saw Strata's crane erected, from deep within the 50' pit for the parking structure. This baby wont be completed until some time in 2010, so we'll be looking at the big blue crane for a while.

While Indigo boasts to having a cafe on their ground floor, there is no word from the folks at Hanover Co (Strata owners), as to what will be filling the nearly 12k SF of retail fronting Market St. Lets keep our fingers crossed that we finally get a Trader Joes in our hood!

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